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Past events include:

Integrating Yoga into Your Work with Kids

  • Learn how to improve social/emotional, cognitive, physical, attention and self-regulation skills through the use of yoga techniques, massage and sensory strategies.
  • Learn kid friendly poses, games and exercises for use with children with a variety of developmental concerns including Autism, Down syndrome, ADD/ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, etc
  • Explore developmental considerations when choosing yoga poses, activities and exercises.
  • Learn and receive therapeutic tools you can use immediately.   
  • Workshop includes Manual and 3 Yoga-Yingo game sets (games retail for $56.97).

    Sample Course Schedule (6.5 contact hrs./ CEUs )
  • 12:15-12:30 Registration 

12:30-2:30 Introduction; Benefits/Precautions, Documentation/Billing considerations, Eye exercises, Breathing exercises.  Sample a preschool class, videos.

2:30-2:45 Break
2:45-5:00 Sample a yoga session for the neurologically involved child or the non-ambulatory child.   Focus will include: developmental progression, integration of primitive reflexes, poses to improve head/trunk control and digestion along with use of infant/child massage.
5:00-6:00 dinner break (on your own)
6:00-7:30 Sample a yoga session for the ambulatory child with or without special needs. Focus will be on using balance and standing poses along with breathing exercises to improve bilateral coordination, strength, attention, self-regulation, self-esteem, etc. Key points for consideration and teaching strategies.
7:30-7:45 Break
7:45-8:30 Laughter Yoga; Discussion, Review key points, resources, Q &A, Course Evaluation, Certificates given to participants.

Remember dress comfortably.  This is a physically active class. Please let instructor know if you have or need special accommodations.  Bring a yoga mat, if you have one and water.  Optional: baby doll to practice massage strokes on.

Cost: Therapists/Teachers/Yoga Instructors:  $180  
COTAs/PTAs: $140      Para Professionals/Habilitators/Parents:  $100

Good Hearted Living and Hasya (Laughter) Yoga:  A special class for taking mindful steps to a happier life. Add optimism and positive intentions to your life by learning good hearted living methods, class ends with a hasya yoga session.   

1-2 hour options available for this lighthearted workshop/class. If you would like to host a workshop, please contact me at 480-633-7199 or email at or via mail at 1220 N. Farrell St. Gilbert, AZ 85233